Google IO 2015
Every year, Google puts on a conference, dubbed Google I/O, to show off what they’ve been working on the past year and what lies ahead in the coming year for consumers and developers alike. Today, Google kicked off their 2-day conference with the keynote where they announce exciting updates to […]

9 Google I/O Announcements Today that Made Me Giddy

New Blog. New Look. New Goals. 1
I can’t believe my last blog post was from August 2013. I’ve let my blog collect dust for far too long and I’m ashamed! But, if I’m being honest with myself, the main reason I’ve pushed it to the back of my head for so long is because I’m not the […]

New Blog. New Look. New Goals.

The time has come for school to start back up – and we all know what that means: Dealing with the money-pit that is textbooks. Throughout my college years, there were 4 main routes I would take when buying a textbook for class. I wanted to share these with the […]

4 Routes To Take When Looking For A Textbook

So I’ve started working on a project and have decided to go with Google App Engine as my backend. I must say, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with the service! Anyways, I learned about their experimental Endpoints API, and decided to immerse myself in the wonderful documentation and absorb […]

Google App Engine + Pusher Webhooks

Probably my favorite class this semester was Information Storage and Retrieval. The class taught many ways to use data and turn it into more than just data. We learned how to classify and cluster text, rank documents in searches, and recommend items by analyzing previous data. We got some great […]

Pony Placement Project

I have had an iPhone for over 2 years. I got the iPhone 4 and of course immediately jailbroke it to allow much more use of the hardware. All of the devices I own have been hacked or personalized in some way. I want my devices exactly how I like […]

Why I sold my iPhone 5 for an Android

This past summer, on a random Sunday morning when I was at church, I was thinking about ways that I learn. Since I am a huge computer/tech nerd, I tried to think of ways I could use technology to memorize scripture since I love being around / using technology. That morning started what […]

Weekly Bible Verse – Memorize Scripture Using Technology

There was a bug which would not allow the extension to load properly. 1.1 fixes this issue and you can install it here. Ben Beadle

LyricMe Updated to 1.1

So when it comes to my iTunes songs, I get pretty OCD and want every song to have lyrics. This way I can sing along to songs I don’t know the words to while also helping me learn the words! 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t found a viable application to automatically […]

LyricMe – Lyrics to your clipboard in one click

Around the middle of last semester, I learned about a sleep cycle that allowed you to only sleep 2 hours a day and still get the REM cycle you need. As far as we know, this is completely healthy and the remaining sleep that one normally uses when not in […]

My New Sleep Cycle [Updated]